LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Letters writers should be open, honest


I am writing in regards to the letter from Janice Allen accusing Mr. Phillips of derogatory statements toward Mr. Votendahl. Mr Phillips made no derogatory statements directed at Mr. Votendahl nor Mr. Clark. He simply stated the truth.

Those of us who have lived here for over 50 years know of the statements Mr. Phillips made regarding some truths about Votendahl's past mistakes made while serving as a sitting judge.

During the recent campaign, Votendahl made accusations directed at our new sheriff. In doing so, he was attempting to sway votes.

Some associated with Ash Hollow Winery put a sizeable ad in the U-B refuting Mr. Votendahl's accusations. The winery fully endorsed John Turner for sheriff. Votendahl could have retracted the accusations at that time but did not, and hasn't yet.

While having lunch with several colleagues the other day, one of them brought up the subject of Votendahl's and Clark's letters. We all discussed how nasty we thought Votendahl was being and then how Clark was stating Mr. Phillips was "outraged" and threatening "violence."

We all agreed then that the apologies should be coming from Mr. Votendahl and Mr. Clark for misrepresenting opinions from Mr. Phillips. All of us at lunch agreed that there was definitely no threats from Mr. Phillips, and several people sitting nearby acknowledged reading those letters and were in complete agreement that Mr. Phillips was being quite honest and his letter was more humorous than anything else.

There was no violence or threats mentioned by Mr. Phillips.

Also, Ms. Allen stated in her letter that she did not know Mr. Votendahl. If that is the case, how would she know Mr. Votendahl is older (or not) than Mr. Phillips? Something doesn't add up. By the way, Mr. Phillips is not involved with the Sheriff's Foundation as Allen stated in her letter.

I do know Mr. Phillips was and is a very strong supporter of Sheriff Turner and his staff, WWPD and CPPD.

I think the very best way to encourage civility is for people writing letters to be open, honest and find the truth before writing those letters.

Michael Donovan

Walla Walla


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