LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Support urged for Weston mayor


Once again the few loud ones with a personal agenda are costing the citizens/taxpayers of Weston money. I truly wish these people would get all the facts from both sides before they decided a recall is the only way to solve issues.

This has become a personal issue against the mayor. Why? Because things are working and getting better in Weston, and those who once thought they had control of everything are losing that control.

I worked for the city of Weston and we had to deal with broken and non-functional equipment. We spent more time repairing equipment to do a job than we spent time on the job itself.

Addressing the operating surplus, that is great in this economy but hoarding taxpayers' dollars in the past have led us to this position of aged and broken equipment. The function of the government is not to build a savings account but use tax funds each year to provide for the services of the city.

The mayor has put together an advisory committee that will look into the functions of each department, the City Council and the mayor, looking for problem areas and ways to better serve the community.

That does not sound like a mayor who says sit down and shut up. I also believe that in several of the city newsletters the mayor has asked people to get involved with the government. That doesn't sound like a dictator to me.

Believe me when I say if the mayor is recalled we will lose our great Police Department, and it will only go downhill from there. As some citizens have said,"This is the most effectively run city government in a long time."

Stand up citizens of Weston and vote "no" on the recall of our mayor. Let's keep our community going and growing in the right direction.

Michael G. Dowd



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