City police urge caution in ice, fog


WALLA WALLA -- As fog and ice arrive in our area, the Walla Walla Police Department would like to remind the motoring public to be safe while driving in hazardous conditions.

By law, your windshield must be completely clear of all ice and snow. Don't just clear a small "window" in an otherwise obstructed windshield. Driving with your windshield obstructed can lead to a $124 fine.

Motorists should also remove all snow from their vehicles, otherwise snow on hoods can blow back onto windshields and could lead to a collision. Furthermore, snow and ice could fly off your vehicle and land on the vehicle behind you. Snow and ice should be cleared from all windows and exterior mirrors.

Motorists are also urged to drive with headlights on, day and night, especially when in fog or snowy conditions. A small, light-colored car can be difficult to see when driving in a snow-covered background. Having the headlights on greatly increases your visibility to other drivers.

When driving in icy conditions, motorists need to greatly increase the distance between them and the vehicle in front of them. As conditions worsen, street crews will be out deicing the intersections, but the rest of the roadway can still be very slick. Use caution, give yourself extra time to get where you are going and drive defensively.


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