Pirate grapplers wrestle well in Pasco


PASCO - Pomeroy wrestling won 18-of-25 matches at the Tri-Cities Prep Mix'n Match Tuesday, against Chiawana's junior varsity, Waitsburg-Prescott and Lind-Ritzville.

"It thought we did really well." Pomeroy coach Brian Slaybaugh said. "Our kids are kind of starting to get healthy now. We had the flue bug run through us last week, and we're all getting healthy again."

The Pirates were led by Tory Knebel and Austin Reisdorph, who pinned both of their wrestlers in the first round.

"Some of our younger kids are starting to figure out what wrestling was about," Slaybaugh said.

The Pirates face Hepner Thursday and then travel 371 miles to Cathlamet for the Home-Down River Challenge at Wahkiakum high school.

132- K. Kykendall, W-P, pinned Kyle Hyer, Pomeroy, first round; L. Schroder, Chiawana, pinned Kyle Hyer, Pomeroy, first round. 138 - J. Salazar, Chiawana, pinned, Pomeroy, second round; K. Latifov, Chiawana, pinned Wyatt Hyer, Pomeroy, first round; J. Cockrum, Chiawana, pinned Blaine Reisdorph, Pomeroy, second round; Blaine Reisdorph, Pomeroy, dec L. Vargas, Chiawana, 10-4. 145 - Jacob Moore, Pomeroy, dec J Murillo, Chiawana, 15-0; Jacob Moore pinned J. Salazar, Chiawana, third round. 152 - Ryan Smith, Pomeroy, dec R. Chavez, Chiawana, 10-6; Ryan Smith, Pomeroy, dec C. White, Chiawana, 15-4. Nick Tewalt, Pomeroy, pinned R. Chavez, Chiawana,second round; Nick Tewalt, Pomeroy, pinned C. White, Chiawana, first round. Taylor Lewis, Pomeroy, pinned J. Portch T-C Prep first round; Taylor Lewis, Pomeroy, pinned C. Bila, Chiawana, second round. 160 - Wyatt Jenkins, Pomeroy, dec J. Hylden, T-C Prep, 15-0; Wyatt Jenkins, Pomeroy, pinned Y. Suma, Chiawana, first round. Tyler King, Pomeroy, pinned P. Moreno, T-C Prep, first round; Tyler King, Pomeroy, pinned B. Suma, Chiawana, first round. L. McLrill, L-R, pinned Jacob Schuh, Pomeroy, first round. 170 - Tory Knebel, Pomeroy, pinned N. Murillo, Chiawana, third round; Tory Knebel, Pomeroy, pinned D. Larvue, W-P. 195 - Austin Reisdorph, Pomeroy, pinned G. Martinez, Chiawana, first round; Austin Reisdorph, Pomeroy, pinned A. Montes, Chiawana, first round. 220 - A Valley, Chiawana, dec Mike Mymore, Pomeroy, 6-3; Mike Mymore, Pomeroy, pinned J. Ramirez, Chiawana, second round.


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