Walla Walla Sears slated for closure


UPDATE 9:15 a.m., 12/20/11 - Story has been updated with reactions from the community.

WALLA WALLA - One of the two remaining vestiges of the Blue MountainMall is slated for closure.

The number of workers affected is unknown. A local Sears officialdeferred all questions to the parent company's corporate office.Calls to the corporate office were directed to an automated voice mailsystem with a full voice mail box.

Sears Holdings says at its website that stores typically employ 40-80 workers.Sears, which anchors the east end of the former mall, will shut downat a date to be announced, its corporate parent has announced.

The closure is part of a nationwide plan to shutter 100-120 Kmart andSears stores. The only other store in Washington to be slated forclosure at this time - 79 locations have been announced - is a Kmartin Lacey. Another relatively nearby Sears, a Sears Hardline store inLewiston, also made the list.


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