Sessions aim to get taxpayers their due

Officials say if all eligible households claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit, $1 million more would flow into Walla Walla.


WALLA WALLA -- Working families that earned less than $48,000 in 2010 may qualify for some additional credit on their income taxes.

The ins and outs of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit will be explained Wednesday during two presentations at the Walla Walla Public Library.

The Walla Walla Asset Building Coalition, in partnership with the AARP Tax Aide program, will present details about the credit program at noon at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the library, 238 E. Alder St.

The presentations are targeted to area residents to help them with the steps they need to benefit from a credit that's often unclaimed.

The value of the credit varies, depending on income and family size. According to an announcement from the Asset Building Coalition, the average credit for eligible Walla Walla households last year was close to $2,000.

The IRS estimates about 25 percent of eligible households do not claim the credit.

Nearly $8 million in Earned Income Tax Credit came back to Walla Walla last year, and officials believe another roughly $1 million could come back if every eligible household in the county filed for the credit.


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