LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - The rights of freedom


I agree with the Austrian prime minister but we need to take it one step further. Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia Law should get out of America.

We were founded as a Christian nation and you do not have the right to change what we have. We speak English and if you do not want to learn English, then go back to your own country.

If God, heaven, angels, etc., offend you then you should consider going to the country that best fits your belief system. Don't tell me I have to change because I live where our forefathers came to escape religious persecution.

In the name of "political correctness" we are opening our nation to screwballs and nuts, be it atheists or city, state or federal lawmakers. Yes we have freedom of religion but this being politically correct is dangerous in the extreme.

We are giving up a small piece of ourselves every time we have to be politically correct. When we say someone misspoke about something, it was a lie. I believe we call a lie a lie and don't use stupid words that nullify the truth.

We can accept your beliefs so long as they do not rival the laws or the Constitution of our nation. All we ask is that you accept ours and live amongst us in joy and peace. This is the majority's country and our lifestyle.

We believe in Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost. The Trinity was the belief of our Founding Fathers. So stop trying to step on us, we are tired of it.

When you stop whining, complaining and griping about our flag, our Pledge of Allegiance, our Christian beliefs or our way of life, you still have a couple of freedoms and rights. You have the freedom and right to leave and find another country that will make you happy.

Lydia Whipple

Walla Walla


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