ON THE AGENDA - Party politics is the problem


Recent submissions by Mr. Tsujimura and Mr. Singleton fall into the same line of reasoning that has been the impetus of my submissions. Once again, the case is made that if you aren't of the GOP/Tea Party way of thinking you are wrong no matter the subject at hand.

Mr. Tsujimura's letter takes on a Christian air as he condemns the supposed attacks on the regulars (of the GOP/Tea Party leaning) by those spouting their "left-wing" babble.

Born and raised a Christian, I find this very troubling but business as usual by the supposed upstanding Christians who seem to have missed the point of any Bible teachings. We are all children of God, we're supposed to love our fellow man and find acceptance in our hearts for all. This doesn't mean we have to agree with all that is said, but to accuse people of being nasty and caustic when their views oppose yours, and in a manner that can be considered nasty and caustic in its own right, is a clear example of the hypocrisy of so-called upstanding Christians.

The same can be said for those wrapped so tight in their political beliefs they interpret statements made centuries ago, engravings on marbled walls and the like, professing to have an upper hand in understanding the intent of these passages based on their beliefs, education (or lack thereof of those questioning their interpretations) making ridiculous claims regarding the author's intent.

Last November I stated quite clearly the "birther" phenom was stupidity, plain and simple. I never stated that Mr. Singleton or Tea Party followers were stupid, and said so when accused of doing so. In his latest contribution, non-GOP/Tea Party types are accused of being ignorant because we take him to task for his skewed interpretations.

The main theme of my letters is simple; party politics is the biggest bottleneck we face. No party has all the answers, is not the end-all to the problems we face as a nation, and the sooner people realize that, the sooner we can work together to get back on the right track.

Mr. Singleton's submissions over the years hold a common thread; he knows, we don't, and anyone attempting to question his writings has some sort of educational, moral or other deficit.

Party politics at its finest brought to you almost daily by pundits from both sides of the aisle.

Thomas Peacock



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