LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We can't continue same tired policies


I find it somewhat amusing how anyone of the working/middle class can still associate themselves with the Republican Party. Since 1979, wages have steadily gone down, tax burdens have steadily raised. And these poor misinformed people still cling to the lies perpetuated by these slick politicians.

The last time the budget was balanced was under a Democrat (Bill Clinton). Historically, the Democrats have done more to lower the debt than their counterparts.

Let's not forget that when George Bush took office he had a balanced budget and a surplus. After eight years of his failed financial policies, he had a $10 trillion debt, unemployment of over 7 percent and rising, the financial institutions and real estate market were failing, our automakers were about out of business and our infrastructure was failing. Yet, the Republicans say, "Let's continue on this course!"

We can't raise taxes on the wealthy because they create jobs. The "Bush era tax cuts" were nothing more than a gift, to the wealthy. If they created jobs, then why did Bush leave office with a 7.2 unemployment rate?

They have cost us over $1.5 trillion and produced no jobs. I say, take them back! The subsidies and tax breaks for big corporations were guaranteed to give us jobs. If one will take the time to find a neutral website, you will find that actual employment numbers for the major corporations have fallen significantly over the past 10 years. The tax breaks and the subsidies didn't work. I say, take them back.

People need to get off their backsides, do their own research (don't listen to Fox News, MSNBC, left- or right-wing data manufacturers) and then make up your own mind.

The truth is this country is supposed to be about people, not corporations, (yes, capital has its place, just as labor has its place, but that is another discussion).

We must decide what we want out of our government. If we want a school system second to none, if we want real jobs (on American soil), if we want our infrastructure in decent working order, if we want a responsible government, then it costs money.

But we can't have these things if we continue the same tired policies that got us here, nor can we afford to listen to the same lies. Do some research, see what has worked historically, then get involved!

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


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