LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Rev. Koonz correctly identifies culture of debt


A recent letter criticized the Rev. Mark Koonz's religion column, "Nation's debt a significant justice issue," as being too political and right wing.

While ignoring the fact the column space has been hijacked many times to justify left-wing political agendas, the author wrongly claims Rev. Koonz equates taxes with stealing and completely ignores his whole point that burdening future generations with our massive debt is stealing.

He then goes on to make the astonishing claim that fulfilling the "true spirit" of Christ's golden rule is made possible through taxes and government social programs. This provides some deeply insightful revelation that gets to the core of the whole debt and spending problem: The socialization of Christianity.

Socialism is more than just economic theory. It is a religion. Socialists spend with a religious zeal because social spending is part of their religious mandate.

Contrary to what many "progressive Christians" seem to believe, Christ did not appoint Caesar steward of the Golden Rule. He established his church, the body of Christian believers, and not some distant, centralized, secular, governmental entity, as His agent of compassion, charity and healing, all areas in which civil government is incompetent.

Neighbor-to-neighbor charity promotes love, thankfulness and accountability. Government charity encourages waste and dependence and is much more expensive.

We seem to have come to a point in our "social evolution" where many Americans have lost the ability to comprehend vast areas of life such as faith, mercy, charity, education, economics and foreign aid apart from federal programs.

In the mindset of "progressive Christianity," so-called, these have become synonymous with and inseparable from government intervention and social spending.

The socialist religion transforms charity into government welfare, justice into wealth redistribution, liberty into entitlement and the ministry of the Gospel of Christ into the infinite mandate for government-centered "social justice."

Government incrementally consumes the functions of family, community, church and other aspects of organic, nongovernmental culture that atrophy from neglect and usurpation. The religion reveals more of the influence of Marx than of Christ.

"Progressive Christianity" finds political fellowship with atheistic socialism because in reality, there is little practical difference.

The Rev. Koonz could have done a better job of building his case from a scriptural perspective.

But he correctly identifies our culture of debt and spending as a moral and spiritual issue and one of the great social injustices of our times.

Lorne Blackman

Walla Walla


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