Farewells bid at Milton-Freewater School Board meeting

Two board members and the superintendent were honored Tuesday.


MILTON-FREEWATER -- The June meeting of the School Board took a sentimental twist Tuesday night as the board bid farewell to two members as well as longtime district employee Superintendent Marilyn McBride.

The July board meeting, which comes at the start of the new school year, will see board members George Gillette and Sharee LaRue-Wright formally leaving the board. Gillette did not seek reelection of the board seat he has held for many years, including several as board chair. He and LaRue-Wright were presented with plaques of commemoration at the end of Tuesday's meeting. LaRue-Wright was not present, but her term also expires at the end of the month and she also did not seek reelection.

Although LaRue-Wright submitted a resignation following May's meeting, the board unanimously agreed to not accept the resignation Tuesday. The vote became more of a formality, given LaRue-Wright's absence combined with the expiration of her term.

McBride was also presented with a plaque in a gesture of appreciation to the 22 years she has served the district. Gillette presented McBride with the plaque and she was commemorated with a standing ovation from the board and those in attendance.

Taking over leadership from McBride will be Jim Reger, who currently serves as principal of Freewater Elementary. Reger will lead as interim superintendent of the district for one year while the district conducts a candidate search.

New board members Michael Lesko and Kelly Kessler and Reger will assume duties July 1.

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