Trout stocking set for today at Jefferson Park


WALLA WALLA -- Rainbow trout -- 1,100 of them -- will be planted in Jefferson Park Pond today, according to a news release from the city. These fish are raised at the Lyons Ferry Fish Hatchery and provided for youth fishing by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Two additional deliveries of trout from the Tucannon Fish Hatchery will be in April and May.

Children 14 and younger are permitted to fish year round at Jefferson Pond. A license is not required to fish. Fishing must be done from the shoreline; no boats or floating devices are allowed.

Adults may accompany the child but are not allowed to handle the pole or cast the line. Adults may help bait the hook and remove the fish from the line. Children must limit their catch to the number of fish permitted by the state Fish and Wildlife Department.


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