LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Port pay hike questioned


The Union-Bulletin editorial on April 28 entitled, "Timing of pay hikes for top city officials outrageous" was spot on.

Congratulations to the Editorial Board for saying what is blatantly obvious to most of us.

It's very easy to see that many families and businesses in Walla Walla are being challenged by layoffs, bankruptcies, foreclosures and a stagnant economy at a time when the basic cost of living and taxes are increasing.

Quite frankly, there is not of lot of sympathy for local elected officials giving raises to employees who are making beyond $125,000 a year.

But let's not overlook the tax-funded raises the Port of Walla Walla commissioners have voted to give the executive director every year since 2008.

The director's 2011 salary, including what is called "deferred compensation," is just shy of $160,000. For many reasons that salary is outrageous, but the Port commissioners also need to be held accountable for granting these raises year after year after year.

If tax-supported salary increases are to be questioned by the Union-Bulletin, then let's include the city, county and Port of Walla Walla in the discussion.

Barlow Corkrum

Walla Walla


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