LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Power House Theatre will help transform Valley


I appreciated the U-B publishing an editorial on the value of the new performing arts space, the Power House Theatre, to the Walla Walla Valley.

I would like to add my voice to what is surely a chorus of agreement. Readers who have not yet seen a performance inside this wonderful space should do so when the renovation is completed and the theater is open for regular operations.

For myself, I find it hard to imagine that the presence of this theater will be anything other than transformational for the Valley. There is a feeling in the air here, that we are poised for a kind of cultural and economic take-off that will move us from the old economy into the new.

Although the Power House Theatre was specially designed in imitation of one of Shakespeare's own playhouses, it turns out that the design, the use of space, the acoustics and the overall ambience should be exceptionally good for all sorts of public events -- films, lectures, panel discussions, plays, concerts and dances.

Because of this, other arts groups can be expected to congregate in Walla Walla, bringing a richness to our own community life and boosting our economy by attracting visitors from other places.

Kudos to the good people at Shakespeare Walla Walla for undertaking this project.

John Jamison

Walla Walla


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