THE WEEKLY - Students pay tribute to special adults


Students of Homelink writing teacher Cindy Palmer at Berney Elementary School, Pioneer Middle School and Garrison Middle School honor everyday heroes: the adults who make a difference in their lives.

Vicki Shafer: Homelink Art Teacher by Blake Averett, third grade

I go to school and do P. E. and then it's art with Mrs. Shafer! Mrs. Shafer is my favorite teacher in all of Homelink because she makes learning fun, helps me when I am behind in class, and helps me know I will be able to do it.

First, I will tell you how she makes learning fun. I remember one time we were drawing a superhero called, Super Moose. Abruptly, she started laughing! Also, we made alien masks, and we got to make our own alien language!

The second reason why Mrs. Shafer is my favorite teacher is she helps me when I am behind in class. One time I was making a clay cup and I hadn't finished it in time. So, I had to go in for recess. When I got working on it, it wasn't working, so, then she came over and started helping me. Another time, I had been gone for a while and I was having trouble with making a picture frame out of pencils and she helped me figure out how to do it.

The last reason why Mrs. Shafer is my favorite teacher is she helps me know I will be able to do it. She encourages me when I am stuck - also by helping me work things out.

In conclusion, you have never had the best art teacher if it wasn't Mrs. Shafer. She makes learning fun, helps me when I am behind in class, and helps me know I will be able to do it.

Ron Gonzales: Pastor by Jackson Leinweber, third grade

I wake up, get dressed, eat, brush my teeth, and I'm ready to go. Go where? To church! What do I do at church? Be taught by Pastor Ron! Pastor Ron is a very special adult to me because he digs me into God's word, teaches me about God, and he has a good attitude.

The first reason Pastor Ron is so special is because he digs me into God's word. Every Sunday, he sings with everyone else. Every Sunday he says the sermon. In the sermon, I learn a lot.

He also teaches me about God. He explains what God is like. He reads the Bible then talks about what he reads. For example, he is reading about the seven words or phrases Jesus muttered from the cross.

In addition, he has a good attitude. He has time for everyone. He prayed for me to get better. He does not get mad easily.

Pastor Ron is a special adult to me because he digs me into God's word. He teaches me about God. And he has a good attitude.

P. S. I hope you liked it.

Island Ainsworth: Friend & Restaurant Owner by Sophie Pellet, fourth grade

Miss Island Ainsworth is a very special adult to me. Island owns Saffron and Pho-Sho, my favorite restaurants. She is about 30 years old and loves to sew. Last year, whenever she would come to my house, she would say, "Sophie, let's get together." We finally got together and it was so enjoyable. Once when I went to her house I sewed two bags. Island is an animal lover just like me. She calls her dogs "big cats." Her dogs are really "ginormous," but they are still sweet. She is a special person to me since she likes dogs like me.

Another reason I enjoy being around Island is she is just like a kid. She enjoys doing active things with me. When she came to my house, she taught me some karate. Island is the kind of person who never gets mad. She is the best friend I have ever had.

Hannah Wright: Karate Teacher by Sage Kline, fourth grade

I want to tell you about my karate teacher, Sensei Hannah. She is 18 years old and my favorite adult because of her skills in karate, great discipline and sense of humor. I met her at karate almost two years ago, and since then she has been my favorite adult.

One of the reasons is she helps me with my karate like Pinon Shodon, Ihon Kue, and Chotinyota. If I'm stuck on a kata, she always helps me through it. Hannah also has great discipline. One time me and my class were practicing Inon Kue and I was not paying attention so I had to do twenty-five push ups. So, I had to learn to pay attention the hard way.

The last reason is her sense of humor. If you say something funny, she'll laugh no matter what. She works at my Bakery, and when she is not working, she is laughing with me.

Vicki Backlund: 4 H Leader by Miriam Bennett, sixth grade

If I could choose a memorable adult it would be my awesome neighbor, Mrs. Backlund. She will always be memorable in my life because she is great with animals, patient, and really fun to be around and to learn with. She is amazing ahs has taught me a lot to help me in my life.

Mrs. Backlund is great with animals. She is amazing with birds and has owned them for over ten years. She is my 4-H club's poultry leader, and my dog obedience trainer too. Mrs. Backlund and her dog, Lucy, are teaching me and my dog, Copper, basic dog obedience; we are getting reading to have Copper off-leash! Since she is so good with animals, she is the one I turn to if I have questions.

She is extremely patient with both people and animals. She is quietly persistent in teaching the poultry kids in my 4-H club as they are just starting out. Once, when we were teaching my dog, Copper, how to stay, he wouldn't stay for more than a few seconds. She helped Copper and me do everything right over and over until we finally got it down. I hope to one day develop the kind of patience she has.

One of the best things about Mrs. Backlund is that she is WAY fun to be around. She makes learning about birds truly astounding. She lets me learn with hands- on experience. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were building a pen for her duct to sit on eggs. I had just cleaned out all the straw, and we were going to move the cinderblocks. We picked up a block and there were dozens of mice. We set the block back down to trap them and drove back to my house and got my dog, Copper. We drove back, unhooked his leash, and picked up the block. He was overflowing with happiness! He would chase them down until he caught one, take one bit to end is life, and go after another one. This just goes to show, you will always have a blast when she is around.

Mrs. Backlund will always be unquestionably memorable to me for all she has done in my life, and what she is yet to do. She has helped me know more about animals that might help me with my future career. She has shown me amazing patience, and is just all around fun to be with. Aren't people like Mrs. Backlund great?

Kimi Schoeder: Roller Derby Teacher by Mary Bella Betts, fourth grade

Kimi Schoeder is my skating teacher. Kimi brought roller derby to Walla Walla, WA two years ago. Now, roller derby is very popular. Last year, she started a Jr. Roller Derby called the WILD SCALLIONS. All of the players are under eighteen years old! My roller derby teacher is important because she inspires me, has faith in me, and has a good sense of humor.

Kimi is special in my life because she inspires me to do my best. One time, she was teaching us to cross our right leg over our left leg while we were skating. These are called "crossovers." However, I wasn't able to do them. Then, she came up to me and started doing them. When I was watching her do them, it became clearer to me.

She also has faith in me because she believes in me and inspires me to do my best. She says that one day I'll be a champion skater. I'm allowed to play important positions. She finds other teams to play us because she knows we'll do well.

She has a good sense of humor. When she demonstrates the lessons that we're doing, she makes it have a funny kick to it like, "Chase that mouse, chase that mouse…Go! Go! Go!" She makes me laugh.

I will never forget Kimi Schoeder for her sense of humor, her faith in me, and for inspiring me. I will always have a place in my heart for her because of her inspiring heart. She's a fantastic role model and an excellent teacher. My life is better because of Kimi Schroeder, my skating teacher.

Walt Porter: Grandfather by Valerie Hall, fifth grade

My Grandpa is the best grandpa I could ever have because he is the only grandpa I have. He is a carpenter and very handy. My Grandpa will always be special to me because he makes time for me, is enjoyable, and he makes me laugh.

The first reason Grandpa is special to me is he makes me laugh. One time he tickled me so much I fell off his lap. Sometimes, he makes up funny jokes and makes me laugh. He also tells me funny stories. For example, one funny story was about a monster named Mr. Ticklebug.

The second reason Grandpa is special to me is he makes time for me. One time, we ate a half a carton of ice cream together. He also lets me work with him. One time I helped him by pulling nails out of boards.

The third reason my grandpa is special to me is he is enjoyable. Once he made a tree fort for us. He also travels to different countries like Tasmania and Japan. Grandpa bring home toys, notepads, and pencils for us, and I love it. That is three reasons why I think my grandpa is special.

Susan Huie: Suzuki Piano Teacher by Lauren Bergman, fifth grade

"I hate piano!" I thought to myself. But then, I met Mrs. Huie. Her pleasant and compassionate attitude stands out in my life. The way see keeps piano fantastic and her way of keeping me motivated in my work is also important to me.

One reason why I cherish Mrs. Huie is because she always has a great attitude. Her smile will greet us when we open the door. When I'm not feeling great, she kindly talks to me and cheers me up. Or when I forgot something she calmly teaches me again. I really fancy her sweet attitude!

Another reason I will always remember Mrs. Huie is because she keeps me motivated in piano. She makes huge pieces into small bits. I love when she congratulates me with sayings like, "Great Job!" or "You're a great student!" Motivation will help me in my music journey.

My third reason why I treasure Mrs. Huie is that she makes piano seem enjoyable. She puts on recitals and classes where I can be with kids my age. Every once and a while she gives out fun activities, games, and magazines perfect for learning as well as having a delightful time. Mrs. Huie is an extraordinary teacher.

Having an adult in my life who has influenced my personality and attitude is awesome! Her great patience, amazing motivational skills, and her ability to make boring things fun influenced my life!

Victoria Acosta: Older Sister by Cassandra Acosta, fifth grade

It was a dark, scary night and the lights were out. Just then, a big bolt of lightning screeched passed my window. I screamed and ran to my sister's room. She hugged me. From then on, I knew she would always be my best friend and loyal sister because of the way she stands up for me, is there for me, and cares about me.

One time, Victoria was going to high school, and it was her last year. She had gone to Spring Vale for her two middle years of high school, so I didn't see her much. I wanted to communicate, so I created a letter and stuck it under her door. Later, she wrote back and put it on my bed post. Furthermore, her letters proved she cared for my thoughts!

I found that not only does she care for my thoughts, but also about me as a person! I know this because she talks to me, and we text. She takes me in her Mustang. She brings me to wheat fields to take pictures. Victoria is an awesome adult, and I love the way she cares.

Another reason I love her is because she's there for me. When I got baptized, my family all came to be supportive. I was waiting to be baptized in the hot tub because it was winter, and she stuck my bare feet into the snow. The reason she put my feet in the snow was, "Well, this ways you'll enjoy the hot tub more!" I shivered and everyone laughed. I enjoy my sister and she's my terrific adult because: A, she cares for my thoughts, and B, she cares about my personality and C, she'll always be there for me. The dark nights in my life are over, since Victoria stepped into them.

Terry Koch: Music Teacher by Ben Watson, fifth grade

I have picked Mr. Koch, my music teacher, for my memorable adult for several reasons. I could never get bored of Mr. Koch. Mr. Koch is special to me because of his kindness, encouragement, and great fun. For example, I have been with Mr. Koch for five years, and in those years I have been in nine concerts conducted by Mr. Koch. I have been to so many of his classes that it would be impossible to count them. Mr. Koch is strict but not mean. He makes sure nobody has hurt feelings and keeps you on track. After all those years I should know!

Another reason for liking Mr. Koch is he encourages you. I remember one time before a concert when we were going to sing with the Walla Walla Symphony, I was a nervous wreck. Mr. Koch overheard me telling a friend about it and he took time to talk to me and calm me down. Boy did that ever help. If you want to stop taking music, Mr. Koch will keep you going!

One other reason why Mr. Koch is unique to me is because he's loads of fun. He teaches us fun songs. He lets us play his instruments. But the best part is he shows us fun movies about how a song was made or something. All in all, Mr. Koch is a great music teacher. Mr. Koch will always be special to me because of his kindness, encouragement, and great fun.

J.R. Loe: Dad and Aquatics Director by Bethany Loe, sixth grade

My dad, J.R. Loe, will always be a star to me because he is a great scuba instructor, a wonderful piano teacher, and is always humorous. He's cool and amazing because he can teach all that stuff I listed and more in a week! He will never let me down. I know that because not only has he told me, he has shown me by keeping his word. My dad is truly amazing!

My dad is a great scuba instructor because he encourages me to try until I can do a tough skill. Plus he helps me when I don't understand something he just taught! I often feel way better after he aids me. He also teaches slowly, so that way I won't ball behind in what I'm learning. One time, I remember my class and were practicing clearing our masks. We filled our masks with water, and then tried clearing them by blowing the water out with our noses. I couldn't do it at first, but my dad helped me until I could! I felt really great!

My dad is a great piano teacher because he is patient and understanding when I mess up. Sometimes I mess up over and over, but he just sits there patiently until I catch on. After I'm done with my lesson, I get to play on his expensive, awesome key board, which is cool because he is always protective of it.

The third reason my dad is so unique is because he is so hilarious. He tells jokes non-stop! Nobody knows then to take him seriously! He makes silly mistakes and makes a big deal out of it just to make me laugh! He also makes up very strange and amusing songs. For example, whenever he sees a coconut now, he starts singing "I like a little coconut…!" Is he goofy or what?!

I hope my dad and I will always be close. I love him very much. He is a cool scuba instructor, piano teacher, and very funny. He's a fantastic person, and he will always be in my heart. That's why he's so amazing.

Betty Witters: Grandmother by Erika Leinweber, sixth grade

Do you have an extremely special adult in your life like I do? This person is always there for me and fun to be with. Betty Witters is a memorable and special person in my life. I love her for my grandma, but also for who she is and what she does, besides being Grandma. My grandma will always be a special adult in my life because of her skill in sewing, being a good example, and being a positive, encouraging hard worker.

First off, Grandma is skilled at sewing. She also helped teach me how to sew with my mom. I feel comfortable working with her because she knows what she is doing, and my grandmother doesn't make any put down comments when I make mistakes. All she does is easily take it out with ease, and enlightens my spirit. Because of that, I never feel like I mess up with her. Grandma is great at working with kids; she even leads her own 4-H club. Knowing that she works with others and finds time to help me is amazing! When I am with her I always feel confident with myself and my work.

Also, she is a special person because she is a good example. Listening before you speak, is a great quality that she has. When I ask her a question, she listens to the whole thing, and doesn't interrupt. This makes me understand how important that is. My grandma is always in the mood to help. I love her care for others' needs and that she always listens. I learn a lot from her actions towards others and myself.

Lastly, Mrs. Witters has a great attitude. She is an extremely hard worker. I can tell this because she raised six kids, has many grandkids, and a couple of great grandkids that she really cares about. Grandma cherishes the time she gets with us, as we also enjoy it when she comes down to be with us or cheer us on. Some things she cheers us on are sports, like one year she got to see the last soccer game of mine which made my day. As well, my grandma never gives up on us. Once, I was making a poncho, and the Serger was being very stubborn. I was getting irritated, but she would just say something like, "You are doing great", or "Keep going", or "You're almost done". Those made me feel better, so I kept working. You can say she always looks on the bright side. Her attitude has a great impact on the way she works with me.

My Grandma is a positively amazing person. She is great to be around because of her attitude and because she is always caring. She is special and will always be memorable in my heart for her impact on me with her sewing skill, good example, and being a positive, hard working person in my life. I love being with Grandma, and she will always be special to me.

Kathleen McKeirnan: Grandmother by Grace Mckeirnan, sixth grade

Did you ever have the dream adult? The one person in you life who is or was just perfect in your eyes? The dream adult in my life is Kathleen McKiernan, my Nana. To me, nana was a very special and memorable adult because of her awesome skill and she was a very thoughtful and caring person.

The first reason why Nana was so wonderful is because she was very entertaining. She was entertaining because she told fantastic stories and an occasional rhyme. Most of the stories she told me were about an imaginary leprechaun named, Jackie Dory, who got into all kinds of mischief! Sometimes, she would even tell me about her life, when she was a kid, like when she talked out loud to a wasp and got stung! Occasionally, she would recite minuscule rhymes. One of my favorites was about a kitten that came to beg at her door!

The second reason why Nana was so special is because she had great skill in many things and she taught me how to construct or do them. A few of the things that she taught me was how to bake bread. She taught me how to bake two different kinds of bread, Irish Soda bread and her regular, white bread that she won prizes for at the fair. She taught me how to make her special, homemade jello. She even tried to teach me how to Irish dance, although it really didn't work out!

The third and final reason why nana was so important to me is because she was always an extremely thoughtful and caring person. For example, she always sent us cards, no matter what kinds they were: Christmas, birthday, or just plain "How are you?s". Also, since she was a very prayerful person, she always prayed for us when we were in bad times. Last, but not least, she always, no matter what the cost, made sure that we were blessed with holy water before we left on our way home, so that we would be safe.

So, as you can see, Nana was and is my only dream adult. That is why she is such an unforgettable and godly person to me.

Al Sutlick: Cub Scout Leader by John Paul Sharkey, seventh grade

Mr. Sutlick is the memorable adult in my life. He is the man who stands out as the best in my mind. I've been working with him since I was around six. He taught me skills through Cub Scouts I might never have learned. He taught skills such as knots, cooking, camping, first aide, and many more. Whatever you name, he could teach it. He would always set a higher goal. As soon as we learned to knot the bowline, he asked us to do it blind folded. He always made us do a little extra.

He taught me perseverance on my fourth year. On my fourth year, all my friends quit Cub Scouts. I had a hard time staying with him. He told me "a great leader sticks with what he's committed to." So I stayed and I'm glad I did. That year things got fun. We built bridges out of rope, did more first aid, and other activities. It was great!

Mr. Sutlick was a great teacher. He could always keep things under control. Every time we got out of control he'd make us run laps or answer questions. We hated the questions, because we would always get them wrong, since we weren't paying attention.

Two years ago I looked back and saw how bad we were to Mr. Sutlick and how he tried to be everywhere at once. I decided to take some training through the Boy Scouts and became a Den Chief. In other words, I became Mr. Sutlick's helper.

I have been a Den Chief for three years now, and Mr. Sutlick's personality continues to amaze me. Ever since I can remember Mr. Sutlick treated everybody like an adult. He never used that annoying baby voice that people use to talk to kindergardeners. He would just say straight no. Now that I am his Den Chief, I really love his personality. I have been with him so long he trusts me. He will just bring the supplies and say, "John Paul teach them water rescue and fire safety", while he will teach them another skill in a different room. I am really happy Mr. Sutlick trusts me and doesn't think he has to look over my shoulder.

Mr. Sutlick introduced me to community service when I was around seven. He taught me about it and to my friends who were interested. Later he gave us each a bag to go pick up trash. We weren't around like it was a race because he offered candy to the person with the most trash. As I got older, I learned that he didn't just organize little trash pickups, he organized other services too. The one that's the biggest is the Christmas tree pick up. He gets all the boy scouts to go pick up all the Christmas trees rights after December to build bird habitats. He is awesome every year I help out. So now, instead of throwing trash in a bag, I now throw trees on a trailer all because of him.

Mr. Sutlick is the best teacher in my opinion. He may not teach at a school but I think he has all the best subjects. How many teachers do you get to camp with? Mr. Sutlick always follows the Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared." I can't think of a single thing he doesn't have for camping or training. The great thing about all that stuff is he always shares. I hope to one day be like Mr. Sutlick. Even through Mr. Sutlick isn't teaching me anymore I can still hear him saying, "Go the extra mile."

Grandpa Reich by Jenny Reich,eighth grade

When was the last time you saved a piece of wire, just because it might be useful for something - sometime - somewhere? Well, that describes my grandpa Reich in a nutshell! Although there are many memorable adults in my life, my grandpa is one of the most memorable for his giving attitude toward s life, his encouragement, and his resourcefulness. As long as I can remember, Grandpa has lived on what we call "The Ranch." I always think of Grandpa when I think of the Ranch; however, Grandma's memory stands with his, even though she died several years ago.

One of the may reasons he stands out is because of his generosity. Even though his last name is pronounced "Rich" instead of "Reich," that doesn't mean his is rich. Its seems like he is always giving to someone who has less. If he isn't using his money, he is using his talents and wisdom to help. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty and help out. Grandpa's generosity doesn't stop with people, but extends to animals. Any deer that comes to his lawn will usually find some compost that has been left for them, or a few apples.

Another reason he stands out is because he isn't afraid to tell me when I've done something wrong. Although, when I do something right, he is also quick to let me know. Grandpa also loves to tell stories. If he thinks I need advice, a story is sure to follow. Sometimes he can go on for a couple hours at a time. One of his favorite sayings is, "'Ave little, take little, ‘ave a little left." His stories have taught me a lot about his past, and life in the old days. For instance, he had to wear women's high heel shoes with the heels knocked off, to go to school because they couldn't afford anything else. He also remembers when gas was fifteen cents a gallon. Maybe he acquired his thriftiness from living through the Depression.

Resourcefulness is very high on grandpa's priority list. Take tin cans for instance. After you and I open a tin can, we throw the can away. But, not Grandpa! After a can has been opened, the sharp edge is meticulously smoothed out; it soon has nuts and bolts stored in it, out in the Shop. Wood is saved even more carefully than cans. Whenever I got to his house at the Ranch, I always marvel at all of the wood stacks that dot the landscape. He probably has enough for the next 50 years. Nevertheless, he continues stacking! Our family jokingly says he is part woodchuck.

His example has helped make me who I am. He has always modeled qualities that I appreciate. Grandpa's unselfishness, encouragement, and even his resourcefulness are what makes him so cool.

Gregory Bourassa: Science Teacher by Dominic Kjeldgaard, eighth grade

I have had many memories of teachers and other people throughout my life. But there is on teacher who inspires me. He is my math teacher, Gregory Bourassa. Gregory, is from Canada and is here because of work. He has been to the Netherlands on a work trip and brought me back a book all about the Netherlands. He has inspired me ever since he moved here. His expertise includes math and engineering. He always comes and tells me funny stories. He also recites poems from all the books he has read in his life. When it comes to math, he is in the mood for teaching and a little humor here and there.

One reason I chose him as my inspirational adult is because he has a great sense of humor. I often wonder, "How does he know so much?" Well, he knows a lot about math. When he comes to my house, after lunch he will say "Intruder alert," which, will let me know he is here. Once Gregory has checked my work, he will go over the ones I got wrong. Sometimes when I have a question, with three and a third, he will jokingly, say, "A tree and a turd."

Because he knows his subject well, he is a great teacher. When I ask him to do a hard algebra problem, he will get the answer in less than a minute. Gregory helps me understand the patterns of algebra equations. The process he tells me to do is first, write the problem down correctly, two, simplify, three, simplify again if possible, four, organize and five, simplify and come out with the right answer. Showing my work is no fun because of all the extra work, but it is amazing in how much it will help you get close to the answer.

In addition, Gregory is also one of the most patient and thoughtful teachers I've ever known. When we are doing math, and I get a problem wrong, he will make me redo it. Sometimes he will let me go. He tells me to, "not skip steps and take time to do it." When we are not doing math, we are having fun with the rest of the family. Gregory and I have a whole lot of fun together.

One time, Gregory and I rode his tandem in the Grand Fonda for the people with cancer. Gregory and I had the name of the person we rode for which was his wife, Nelia. We rode sixty miles. It was a great time to spend with him. Every Saturday night, Gregory and his wife will come over to my house and play games and watch movies. That is a lot of fun also.

In conclusion, through all my memories of inspirational teachers and other people in my life, Gregory Bourassa stands out as the most memorable adult for his humor, smartness and patience. Gregory is always ready to do something fun. He also helped me to be able to move into geometry next year. This is all why I chose him. It's nice to know a Canadian, eh?

Mrs. Knowles: Science Teacher by Aubrey Sinden, eighth grade

"We had a great time! It was fun going on the field trip to the creek!" My sister, Amy, talked a lot about her science teacher, Mrs. Knowles, when I was in 5th grade. After all of that intriguing chatter, I was more than overjoyed when I found out I'd be joining her class the next year. Yes! I had thought gleefully. It didn't take long to get to know her. She was a young woman, who was married, carrying a child, and one of the nicest teachers you could meet. Calmly, she took on us rowdy 6th through 8th graders with ease. So far, Amy seemed to be correct, but was she really right? Almost instantly, Mrs. Knowles because a very special teacher to me because of her willingness to challenge me, determination to make science delightful, and bravery to teach both sides of science. Who would have known Amy was right about the stupendous teacher I came to adore!

First, Mrs. Knowles's lessons were sometimes tricky. I think she saw great potential in her students. Because of that, she gave us hardcore work. One time she split us into two teams. She informed us, "Build a life-sized man out of recycled objects!" Trying to make plastic containers and metal cans stand up is not as simple s it sounds! When we weren't handling some crazy project, we might've been writing truck loads of notes. I'd be surprised is no one had their heads and notebooks crammed with information! Madly stressed people like me weren't a surprise either! But without those difficulties, I doubt I would've become a more unwavering and hardworking pupil. Uneasy as it was, I'm glad Mrs. Knowles taught us lessons that mostly resulted in chaos!

Next, she used pure creativity when she helped us learn with fun. Never did she just think of us as normal, "plain" students who were stuck in school to be stuffed with knowledge. Instead, she wanted us to absolutely enjoy the experience of discovering the world around us and how it worked. Without it, we'd be bored! So, we found ourselves acting plays, doing games like "Bears vs. Deer," and creating catastrophic events. Teachers in other schools likely stared at us in confusion at the unique techniques and activities Mrs. Knowles did with us. Imagine learning water bugs. Would you rather look at pictures and read about it, or do that along with finding a creek to go find and identity some in? I don't know about you, but I'd choose living the adventure instead of just learning about it! Mrs. Knowles adored having us laugh while learning, and even the most unsettling job almost always could be done with humor and joy. Those zany times she caused made science very creative and pleasurable!

Finally, Mrs. Knowles's care of her students made her willing to explain what was true or false about science. Not surprisingly, she was a strong believer in Christ, and although some might protest, this made her a better science teacher. She was able to cherish science so much because she was able to see God's handiwork in everything, which inspired us believers. This didn't make her treat non believers badly, though, and did the opposite by showing them compassion and not arguing that they were wrong. At the end of the school year, we had an assignment to write about the creation vs. evolution debate, and defend which one we thought was right. Most of us were for creation, but no matter what side you were on, Mrs. Knowles gave us plenty of advice and info on both. That didn't mean she believed evolution was right, yet she still allowed us to study it, and I think it strengthened us to stand up for our faith. It's not every day you get a science teacher who sees and believes God's influence in science from the biggest stars to the tiny atom. Mrs. Knowles helped build my faith up, for her love of science and desire for us to be prepared to fight for our faith, and give our Creator a deeper meaning to us. In conclusion, Mrs. Knowles is an extraordinary person in my life because of her confidence in testing me, ideas of livening science immensely, and fairness of her way of taking in science and the ways of others. I have met other divine teachers like, and Mrs. Knowles also fits up there with them in my book! Because of budgeting issues, she was dropped from Homelink, and I haven't gotten to see her again and thank her for being my science teacher. Like a wise sensei, she taught more than just parasites and the water cycle, and I intend to always remember her. After all, how can you, I, or anyone forget an amazing, effective person who was a science teacher?


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