Waitsburg-Prescott falls to St. George's soccer squad


PRESCOTT - A third soccer contest on the year versus St. George's saw the Waitsburg-Prescott soccer team tied 1-1, and then lose 2-1 in the second five-minute overtime.

W-P had already tied St. George's twice this season. But there are no ties in this playoff game that seeded the two teams for further action in the bracket style format.

In Saturday's game, W-P got out on top 1-0 by the end of the first half by scoring in the nine-minute mark. Francisco Gonzalez scored on an assist by Luis Torres. In the 69th minute, St. George's answered back with a goal of its own before scoring in the second OT to win.

"We dominated the first half," Potts said. "We had them on the ropes and down. Then they got up, dusted themselves off and got up on us. We just came up a little short."

W-P took a total of 13 shots on goal and St. George had nine.

"It was two quality teams playing each other," Potts said. "It was up to who executed the best at the end. Hopefully, it will be two heavyweight, mammoth teams that will see each other again later in the state playoffs."

W-P is 13-2-2 and plays Saturday against Moses Lake Christian, time and place TBA.

"We've had a good regular season," Potts said. "We plan to have a good postseason, too."


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