LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Support our sheriff and local police


I'm responding to the attacks on Sheriff Turner during the hotly debated campaign and now.

Mr. Votendahl's letter to the editor this past Sunday once again certainly indicates his bitterness, anger and frustration regarding the outcome of the race for sheriff.

While I don't fully agree with raises for a Sheriff's Office staffer or high increases in budgets at present, I absolutely stand by my support for Sheriff Turner, his staff and the Walla Walla Police Department

Let me first say John Turner has never indicated (that I know of) the Sheriff's Office would handle all the gang problems, which have been growing in our little city and other locations for several years. I am absolutely confident the WWPD would embrace all help offered by other departments.

It should be a city and countywide goal to eliminate the scum involved in gang and other illegal activities!

Indeed, I believe it would behoove all citizens to work together to report suspicious activities to law enforcement immediately. If a citizen believes something is out of order -- it probably is!

What would help the Sheriff's Office, WWPD and the public (children included) would be to stop rude, hateful and antagonistic attacks on our newly elected officials.

Mr. Votendahl should certainly remember his illegal activity (while serving as a sitting judge) and the unethical remarks and actions during the campaign while attempting to derail John Turner's campaign. It was wrong then and it's absolutely wrong now.

Mr. Votendahl owes Sheriff Turner an apology for the letters he wrote. Ash Hollow management and staff put a good sized ad in the U-B to dispute his claims and stated their full support for Mr. Turner.

The campaign is over, the right side won and we should all commit to getting behind our sheriff and staff.

If Mr. Votendahl is unable or unwilling to support our new officials perhaps he would agree to meet me in the ring at a boxing club and we will straighten it out in the first round. Perhaps someone in the Sheriff's Office would officiate? We could charge admission and the winner could donate all funds to the Sheriff's Foundation on behalf of all Walla Walla County citizens. And, yes, it could turn out to be fun -- for one of us!

Citizens of Walla Walla County, please demonstrate your support for our sheriff, WWPD, College Place police and take a stand against all the trash talk. Speak loudly!

Robert Phillips
College Place


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