Letters To The Editor - Letter did constitute threat of violence


Mr. Phillips' derogatory statements regarding Mr. Votendahl (whom I do not know) and statements targeting Mr. Clark are inappropriate.

You did challenge a known "older" political figure to a boxing match and stated it would be over in round one. That is known as a threat of personal violence to most folks.

You stated: "If Mr. Votendahl is unable or unwilling to support our new officials perhaps he would agree to meet me in the ring at a boxing club and we will straighten it out in the first round."

Phillips' next statement couches the demand to support the "Sheriff's Foundation" in the offer to participate in a known violent, contact "sport." It wasn't funny for many of us living in Walla Walla.

His next statement suggesting: "Perhaps someone in the Sheriff's Office would officiate? We could charge admission and the winner could donate all funds to the Sheriff's Foundation on behalf of all Walla Walla County citizens. And, yes, it could turn out to be fun -- for one of us!"

Encouraging violent activities to suppress violent activities are inappropriate ways for the foundation supporters to encourage community spirit. Sheriff Turner should be appalled.

As Mr. Clark stated: "Let's promote mutual respect and civil discourse as we address our various problems and challenges. We'll be better off as a community."

Janice Allen
Walla Walla


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