LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Take care when using debit cards


If you are like many of us in these hard times, it's a treat to be able to eat out, but if you are using a credit or debit card beware.

My friend and I recently dined in Walla Walla and I used my debit card to pay for the meal, leaving a cash tip on the table. Two days later I checked with my bank to make sure the payment went through. I found out that the waitress had added a five dollar tip to my bill, without my permission.

Isn't that stealing? It is in my book.

I also heard that the same thing happened to a friend at restaurant in Milton-Freewater.

Please be careful when paying with your debit or credit cards. If you leave a cash tip on the table put a slash in the space provided on your receipt and theirs. Check your bank statement too.

I did speak to the manager and he reimbursed us for the meal with a meal voucher. However, I feel that people need to be aware of the misuse of people's debit/credit cards by restaurants.

Jean Mascak



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