LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Obama criticism not based on race


My, how the accusations of racism continue to fly!

The Barack Obama fan club thinks it has found a way to discredit Obama's critics. As soon as someone questions Obama's radical policies, the racism deck of cards is quickly shuffled, and the dealing starts all over again!

To those who attempt to make Barack Obama look better by using accusations of racism as a weapon, I will say this. Their hypocrisy is showing! While castigating anyone who dares to question Obama, the self-proclaimed anti-racism bunch slings racist remarks of their own.

Case in point, verbal attacks on Herman Cain. Mr. Cain is black, but because he is a Republican candidate for president, he's been called "an Oreo ... black on the outside and white in the middle." Hmmm...that sure sounds like a racist remark to me. Oh, guess what ... it was made by a liberal black woman.

Think about the person who said there is "a black cloud over The White House." He was immediately called on the carpet for supposedly making a racist remark about Obama. (People need to grow up, for crying-out-loud!) I think he's just a concerned American who's worried about the direction Obama is taking us! The "black cloud" signifies despair!

A well-known black actor, Morgan Freeman, says the tea party is motivated by racism because, he says, it wants Obama to fail. In Freeman's way of thinking, this is because Barack Obama is black.

No, it's because Obama's policies are crippling America! I wish him no success in that! I have to wonder if Mr. Freeman honestly thinks Obama's policies would be enthusiastically embraced if Obama was white.

I'm not saying racism doesn't exist. It does. There probably are some people who don't like Obama because of his color. But I believe most Americans don't care about his color. What they care about is keeping America strong, and keeping the American Dream the way it should be. This isn't happening with Barack Obama's failed agenda.

You know, racism comes in all colors. Frankly, the ones who make an issue of Obama's color are mostly his supporters, and Obama himself! We all know the wise old saying: "Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Just be prepared ... some people are way too arrogant and hypocritical to know what that means!

Roberta Bardsley
Walla Walla


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