Walla Walla may forge ahead with Transportation Benefit District

The list of streets to be fixed is considered very preliminary.


WALLA WALLA - City officials are moving ahead with the formation of a Transportation Benefit District, which might one day result in a public vote over a sales-tax increase to raise $1.5 million annually for street repairs.

Part of the formation processes includes listing which streets will be fixed, and city officials have come up with a preliminary wish list of roads to fix.

"At this point in time the list is required. It is supposed to identify major projects, and it can be amended at any time ... it is a very draft preliminary list," City Manager Nabiel Shawa said.

The district's policy would include allowing citizens regular opportunities to amend the street improvement list.

If the two-tenths of a percent sales tax is eventually approved by voters throughout the district, Shawa said it would raise up to $1.5 million each year, and that the plan is to set aside $200,000 each year for improvements to lower-use residential streets.

Currently, the street improvement list for the proposed district is comprised mostly of major arterials, such as Rose and Poplar streets and Isaacs and Ninth avenues.

The list does include a few residential streets, such as Blue and Whitman streets.

On Wednesday, City Council will vote on setting a November hearing for the formation of the Transportation Benefit District.

Current street improvement list:

Second Avenue, from SR12 to Rose Street.

Third Avenue, from Poplar to Orchard streets, Orchard to Tietan streets.

Ninth Avenue, from Pine Street to Rees Avenue.

13th Avenue, from Abadie to Cherry streets.

Alder Street, from Wilbur Avenue to Clinton Street, Clinton to Park streets.

Blue Street, from Isaacs to Francis avenues.

Boyer Avenue, from Roosevelt Street to Wilbur Avenue.

Bryant Avenue, from Howard to Division streets, Division Street to Home Avenue.

Chase Avenue, from Birch to Orchard streets.

Chestnut Street, from Ninth Avenue to Division Street.

Clinton Street, from Boyer Avenue to Alder Street, Alder to Whitman streets.

Colville Street, from Rose to Oak streets.

Highland road, from Plaza Way to Fairfield Drive.

Howard Street, from Alder to Park streets, Park to Tietan streets, Tietan Street to Reser Road.

Isaacs Avenue, from Wilbur to Wellington avenues, Wellington Avenue to Division Street, Division to Rose streets.

Main Street, from Second to Ninth avenues.

Melrose Street, from Wilbur Avenue to Airport Road.

Palouse Street, from Rose to Cherry streets, Cherry to Pine streets.

Park Street, from Alder to Lincoln streets, Lincoln to Whitman streets, Whitman to Howard streets.

Pine Street, from Second to Ninth avenues, Ninth to 13th avenues, 13th Avenue to Myra Road.

Plaza Way, from Ninth Avenue to Tietan Street, Tietan Street to Country Club Road, Country Club Road to Taumarson Road.

Poplar Street, from Alder to Colville streets.

Rees Avenue, from SR12 to 13th Avenue, SR12 to Sumach Street.

Rose Street, from Second to 13th avenues, 13th Avenue to College Place.

School Avenue, from Pleasant Street to Woodmere Loop.

Sumach Street, from Clinton Street to dead end.

Tietan Street, from Second to Fourth avenues.

Whitman Street, from Howard to Division streets, Division to Roosevelt streets, Wilbur to School avenues.

Wilbur Avenues, from Pleasant to Whitman streets.


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