LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Put pot growers out of business - support I-502


Regarding the story in the U-B, "Officials seize more than 31,500 marijuana plants."

Putting a stop to illegal outdoor cultivation of marijuana is one of the best reasons to sign the Initiative 502 sponsored by New Approach Washington.

I-502 authorizes (the not-present with a psychoactive level of THC) industrial hemp. If there are hemp fields being grown all over Eastern Washington there will be pollen floating all over this area that will effectively put every single illegal outdoor grower out of business by pollinating the pot and rendering it unsaleable.

Let's put these clowns out of business with not a single dime of public money or an hour of a law enforcement officer's time while helping our real farmers and agricultural communities with the return of what was once one of the biggest cash crops in the country! Support I-502!

Ben Schroeter



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