LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Where did our jobs go?


What do the International Monetary Fund, United Nations and the Iraq and Afghan wars have in common? They did not pay into a reserve fund to operate on for so many years.

Why should our government choose these things over our own citizens by raiding our Social Security and Medicare? We paid into these plus besides billions the government borrowed from these funds.

Where did our jobs go? Technology, immigrants (some being paid under the table - thus lost taxes) and American corporations outsourcing. Ladies, how long has it been since you could buy Cannon-Pepperell linens with "Made in America" labels? We do grow cotton in the U.S.!

Hopefully, we would surmise our politicians in years past and present are intelligent enough to take into account these scenarios and act accordingly. But apparently not. Here's hoping some of our representatives read our letters.

Betty Tate

Walla Walla


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