LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Older people can still be very active


Some folks think that as we grow "old," like 70 or 80 or even older, life is over and we are resigned to a rocking chair or worse. I want to tell you it it doesn't have to be like that.

I moved to Park Plaza Retirement Center over three years ago. I found there are things happening here that make me feel I can still contribute to society and look forward to each day.

I'm involved with our Park Plaza Senior Choir. There are 17 men and women who are members of this meaningful and worthwhile program. We practice two hours each week and then perform in churches and organizations in the community. We love it.

We are available to perform by request.

We recently made a quilt. Each and every resident either made or had help making a block with their name and depicting their interest.

For instance, my block had my name, a picture of an open book because I read to residents who have lost their eyesight, a picture of a shelf of books because I maintain the two libraries and some music notes because I facilitate hymn singing around our piano each morning.

Several residents were interested in a garden that could be shared with the community. We have an acre of ground they put to use by planting 20 different vegetables, melons and flowers. This makes it possible for them to share our bounties with churches, Senior Citizen Center, Salvation Army, etc.

In addition to the above, a group of ladies sew lap robes, stuffed toys and miscellaneous items that are donated to various charities and agencies in the community.

We are going to celebrate these achievements with a tea party on Sept. 18 at 2 p.m. Anyone is welcome to attend by calling Park Plaza Retirement Center.

Evelyn Gibson

Walla Walla


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