On the agenda - Garfield County Public Hospital District


When: Wednesday, 6 p.m.

Where: Learning Center, Hospital

  • QUALITY: Hear presentations on community focus group summary, lab pricing study, critical access hospital survey results and Bell Plain Complex Fire.

  • REPORTS: Hear reports from HUGS Auxiliary, resident council representative, medical staff, clinic, safety committee and finance committee.

  • GRANTS: Consider accepting two grant awards. One is a 3-year $1 million grant to develop a regional care coordination system awarded to the Critical Access Hospital Network. The other is for $17,400 for the renovation of the tub and shower room of the Long-term care facility. The grant is from the USDA.

  • CONTRACT: Will consider approving contract with Leone and Keeble, Inc for tub room remodel for $51,991.

  • MEDICAL STAFF: Consider approving the following medical staff: Johathan Bold, MD and Christopher J. Ladner, MD, Virtual Radiologic; John Whitaker, MD and John Mannschreck, MD, Twin Cities Radiology, and Glenn Houser, MD, Garfield Countiy Hospital.

  • SURPLUS PROPERTY: Will consider approving disposition of certain surplus property.

  • CAPITAL PROJECTS: Hear updates on tub room and Electronic Health Record task force.

  • TIME STUDY: Hear presentation on progress on a facility wide time study to improve cost allocation efforts.

  • COMMISSIONER: Will meet Kris Darby, candidate for appointment to vacant commissioner position.

  • PUBLIC COMMENT: Will hear comments from Chris Munoz.

  • ADMINISTRATIVE: Hear reports on provider search, legislature, Washington State Hospital Association political action committee, and Pomeroy School District parent newsletter. Also hear reports on Small Rural Hospital Insurance trust board meeting, PSE wind power news, and American Hospital Association Quest for Quality.

  • CLOSED SESSION: Will meet in executive session to evaluate qualifications of an applicant for public employment or to review the performance of a public employee. A decision is expected to follow the closed session.


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