LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Abolish the insidious EPA


When anyone praises wind farms (Wind energy can be well-controlled, April 1,) I sadly shake my head.

Not only because they degrade nature's scenic beauty (soon even The Gorge?), kill hundreds of thousands of birds (up to 440,000 per year, including endangered species and eagles per the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), pollute the environment with noise, flicker and vibration pollution, depend upon coal-generated energy for their manufacture and sustainability, clog our roads with trucks hauling tower sections and turbine blades, cost taxpayers billions of dollars in frivolous government subsidies, but they are lethally dangerous on a global scale.

With generators now existing, Americans still get some 0.6 percent of total energy from wind and solar power. Add hydroelectric (which many environmentalists oppose) and that becomes 3 percent - a tiny fraction of national energy requirements.

Surely Whitman students who lecture us on "green energy" have planet-saving ideals and admirable intent. But I believe they are being duped by misinformation (disinformation?) from certain politicos, scientists, academics and "industrialized carpetbaggers" who use "green energy" as a cash cow.

One student questioned my reasons for anthropogenic "climate change" disbelief. That's easy - I'm a humanitarian. Fifty percent of our power (85 percent of the world's) comes from coal. Remove coal access prematurely and civilization will begin to disintegrate. Millions will die.

Chelan Pauly (Walla should support clean energy, March 25) wrote, "... the production and use of fossil fuels causes death (mine and drill rig explosions)...."

Well, those who've been tragically killed in the mining industry pale when compared to those who will die during winter if the use of coal is restricted or denied - a stated goal of Obama. Especially if the current solar minimum continues, which many scientists predict.

Brownouts and blackouts will become routine. I experienced those firsthand in less-developed areas of the world including the Philippines in the early '90s. Brownouts were a daily occurrence (fortunately they didn't have winter temperatures that would have killed thousands).

By 2050, wind and solar will provide only a tiny fraction of our energy needs compared to "fossil fuels."

Senior energy industry analyst Glenn Schleede (wind-watch.org) points out the fire danger, groundwater impact, noise/electromagnetic sound waves, ground current and many other negative issues regarding the potential perils of wind generation.

What can be done? For starters, let's remove Obama's regime in November, eliminate unnecessary regulations on energy industries, rebuild our refineries and abolish the insidious EPA.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


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