Man jailed in armed robbery attempt at LesCollines Vineyard


— A man has been arrested in connection with an attempted robbery at gunpoint last week at LesCollines Vineyard.

According to a Walla Walla County Sheriff’s report, on Aug. 7 at 5:30 a.m., Olsen Giovanny Perez Tello, 22, 608 E. Cherry St., pointed a gun at the head of an employee of the vineyard and asked for the employee’s money and vehicle keys.

The employee was waiting to be let through the gate of LesCollines Vineyard, 4137 Hood Road, where Perez Tello had worked the previous year, the report said.

The employee said he persuaded Perez Tello to allow him to drive his vehicle to where a small group of employees were gathered about a quarter-mile away.

Once there and outside his vehicle, the employee refused to turn over his money or keys.

According to the report, Perez Tello continued to demand money from the employee and at one time pointed the gun at the head of a second employee and threaten to kill him.

The report said Perez Tello then demanded money from a third employee.

After receiving no money or keys, Perez Tello left the area, according to the report.

On Thursday at 10:30 a.m., Walla Walla police arrested Perez Tello while he was at Jack in the Box, 212 S. Ninth Ave.

He is currently in Walla Walla County Jail on investigation of first-degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and two counts of first-degree attempted robbery.


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