Moving little feet to the beat of Zumbatomic


Zumba, the dance fitness program that incorporates Latin dance, hip-hop, martial arts and just about any move that is quick and catchy, has caught on with a few of Walla Walla’s youngest dancers.

For about three years now, the Walla Walla Parks and Recreation Department has offered Zumba classes for kids 4-8 years old.

Certified Zumba instructor Caite York said the class is a lot of fun and a lot of work for little feet.

“It’s a little bit difficult for them. You have to keep them on task,” York said.

In a time when kids spend too much time in sitting activities, Zumbatomic keeps them jumping to the beat, burning calories and getting in shape, with a smile.

“That’s the thing with Zumba, you come to party and you burn a thousand calories,” York said, referring to her adult classes. “For kids, it’s about teaching them to move and keep active.”

Zumbatomic classes are Thursdays from 10-10-45 a.m. at the Carnegie center, 109 S. Palouse St.

The cost is $25 per month.

To learn more, go to the Parks and Recreation website at or call 509-527-4527.

York also teaches adult Zumba classes at the Walla Walla YWCA.


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