Wa-Hi band will march in fair parade


With the Walla Walla County Fair right around the corner, I want to take this opportunity to inform the community the Walla Walla High School band is looking forward to marching and playing in the parade! The Wa-Hi band loves to perform and show off its talent, and I know the parade just wouldn’t be the same without our marching band representing the Walla Walla Public Schools.

The Wa-Hi band’s before-the-fair rehearsal schedule usually includes almost two weeks of practices. This year, however, with school starting after Labor Day, our before-fair rehearsal time was cut in half. We have just enough time to prepare a few songs for the parade.

Unfortunately, we do not have the rehearsal time to prepare to perform on the Pepsi Stage. We want our band to sound its absolute best for on-stage performances. The Wa-Hi band loves to perform and is looking forward to being able to show its support for the community at the next event.

We appreciate the community of Walla Walla for its support, and for its understanding as we try to give our music students the best possible chances for success in their performances.

Roger Garcia

district music coordinator

Walla Walla Public Schools



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Myinput says...

Ever since I was a little kid I always looked forward to the band coming to the Fair and seeing them in the parade. Even the cheerleaders did little musical routines to music performed by the band. It's sad that there couldn't have been enough time to be there for the Fair. We will miss them.

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