CCY program offers 'treasures' for teens


WALLA WALLA — The Community Center for Youth recently rolled out treasures for teens in its new Elevate program, said Director Candice Johnson.

Using skull-and-crossbones coins and a treasure chest, CCY staff reward youths for participating in programs and helping maintain the premises, Johnson said, “to encourage the youth members to elevate the things in their lives that they are in control of.”

The center’s users may be fearful of new experiences and tasks due to little success so far in their lives, she explained. “We are just at the starting point in helping these youth to redirect their lives in positive ways and believe the program … is going to be an exciting and fun method to create real change.”

People with the special coins are eligible to use those to buy things, from nutrition bars to clothes to hygiene items and school supplies.

The Community Center for Youth is hoping to offer “real treasures, new or used,” such as laptop computers, video games, iPods, sports equipment and gift certificates to encourage participants to save and work together to “purchase” items, Johnson explained.

Doing so will require community involvement, she added. Donations of clothes, money, music or technology products are welcome to ensure Elevate’s success, she said. For more information go to or call 509-240-7592.


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