Fade into grey


Finding color is an elusive hunt, as autumn fades to grey and the white of winter approaches.

Cold bleeds color from leaves and grass, depositing a faint blush of red on exposed faces and hands, reminding us that warmth and vibrancy is still there, under the surface and flowing, but moving toward a state of dormancy.

Dropping temperatures.



Ice and snow.

The constant reminder that this is vacation time for many and a holiday season for the sun.

Mingled with the fade into grey will be the inevitable creation of color to trim the holidays — a festive reintroduction of the missing hues of spring, summer and fall — bright Christmas lights, red and green mixed with bows, ribbons and wrapping paper.

The promise remains that grey, as beautiful as it often is in its own right, is just a temporary thing.

It too will fade.


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