November serves up warmth, wind, wet


WALLA WALLA — If you had a swinging time in November, give the weather some credit.

Temperature swings were the rule for the month, with balmy days at the start giving way to freezing nights (and one day as well) towards the end. Between the highs of 71 degrees and the lows of 28, there was a 43-degree shift in temperatures over the entire stretch.

Despite the frosty weather, the overall average temperature was about 3 degrees above normal for the month, according to the National Weather Service. The average daytime high was about 51 degrees while the average low was about 38, both of which were about 3 degrees above normal.

There were seven days with the low temperature was at or below freezing and one day when the high stayed below 32 degrees.

November also served up plenty of wind and rain as well. Gusty days were the rule with the peak coming on Nov. 19 when winds gusted to 61 mph as measured at Walla Walla Regional Airport. There were also two days when the wind gusts exceeded 50 mph.

A fairly constant parade of rainstorms delivered a full measure of precipitation during the month, dropping 2.9 inches, .03 inches more than normal. Measurable rainfall, at least .01 inch, came down on 19 days with the heaviest, 0.78 inches, reported on Nov. 20.

Total precipitation for the year now stands at 21.57 inches, 3.19 inches above normal. The total for the water year, which began in October and runs through next September, is now 5.56 inches, 1.01 inches above normal.

According to the federal Climate Prediction Center, the outlook for this month calls for near normal temperatures and above normal precipitation. Normal highs for Walla Walla fall from 42 degrees at the start of the month to 38 degrees at the end. Normal lows fall from 31 degrees to 28 degrees by New Year’s Eve. Normal precipitation is 2.47 inches based on a 30-year average.

And, provided the Mayans weren’t right and the world doesn’t end, December will also usher in the start of winter with the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21, which will be the shortest day of the year.


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