Four more years of no accountability


Basically the American people have sent the same people they failed to hold accountable the last four years back for another four years.

This suggests the vast majority is comfortable with those parts of the Constitution that have been ignored, i.e., failure to pass a budget, failure to establish what the unconstitutional cabinet of czars costs taxpayers in addition to the Senate-approved constitutional one that's ignored and not consulted. The present legislative body will continue to send their unnamed, unnumbered and unaccountable staff to lobbyists to determine how much it will pay so its members can keep cushy job in return for favors to the specific groups that have hired them.

History has a lesson for us. From Reagan through the present, every time Congress has increased taxes with the "promise" of a cut in spending, it simply has not happened and every increase is "invested," not applied to the national debt.

If Republicans fall for a temporary deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, it will only delay the reckoning this path guarantees. And big government will continue to choose "winners" and "losers" by continually dipping into taxpayers' pockets regardless of those consequences.

Is this the prospect you want to offer all the generations that will be stuck with this unsustainable reality?

Patricia Ross

Walla Walla


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