Giant octopus does not block view


The people responsible for governing the city of Walla Walla try to increase business and sales tax revenue. They also think they have the right to dictate business's advertising practices.

Why are they trying to dictate my demise with no justification other than my size? I'm a creature of free enterprise, largely successful at attracting customers to the Inland Octopus toy store.

I was created in the spirit of free enterprise. Call me names like sign, mural or a conglomeration of colored paint some see as art. I am that big purple creature of advertising. I am the purple octopus people have loved into life like in Margery William's classic tale "The Velveteen Rabbit."

I concede I am large but I block no one's view. even though I do attract people from afar. Certainly though not at the expense of my neighborhood businesses, I neither exploit nor subjugate others like some people I can think of.

I am a businessman's friend. OK, so I'm mischievous. I snuck into Castle City as it was being set up to cover over a white, distracting boarded-up storefront.

Painting a building to look like brick is admissible but I'm not to be peeking over a rampart?

When a businessman is denied the inalienable right to engage in free enterprise to promote, engage and sell goods and services to potential and willing customers. We have a problem.

I perceive myself as being an advertising necessity. Customers will not come without being provided reasons and opportunity to take action. I am an honest octopus trying to brighten lives with fun and educational toys and my track record of success is justification that continues to do so.

Myth and magic do need to be separated from reality sometimes. Separating the right of free speech from the right of free enterprise? More like us are about to step through the door and define when the regulators are regulating above what is and isn't of necessity.

When does prevention of the oppressive objectionable obscenities become strangulation of advertising and free enterprise?

Jean Dolling

Walla Walla


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