Elementary school coaches are great


For the past several weeks my husband and I have had opportunity to observe a facet of educational life in Walla Walla of which we were unaware.

We have been attending boys basketball games at the local elementary schools. These are fifth-grade boys who have had little or no experience with basketball team play. We have watched the coaches with great respect as they have quietly, calmly encouraged the young people to do their very best.

We have seen the progress the teams have made, and the difference in just a few short weeks has been astounding. The coaches are kind, knowledgeable, encouraging and teaching much more than basketball at every game.

There is a respect for kids exhibited by these coaches that is an inspiration to us as we have watched. We are privileged to have such wonderful educators in our community and the future of these young boys will always be better because of the influence of these dedicated coaches.

Valerie Weave

Walla Walla


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