Don't raise property tax for school bond


What does a new building have to do with learning? No new school.

Peggy Huntington's folly needs to be updated, but my goodness, I have enough property taxes on my property to save a pope.

First of all. the children who learn will learn because they have a proper upbringing, children who don't learn were not taught at home how to learn.

If the new age had not taken the authority away, the discipline to learn from the teachers this nation would have better students to compete with the rest of the world.

Spare the rod and spoil the child is so apparent right now.

Instead of attacking the property owners, raise the sales tax by 2 percent, then we all share the burden, or raise the "sin" tax (liquor, cigarettes, theater).

Don't make the property owners carry the burden. Let others join in the way to pay for a new school.

Charter schools would benefit, as the teachers have the authority to teach, not to be their buddy or their friend.

Retired people cannot afford any more taxes. No to the Walla Walla school bond.

R. T. Swanson

Walla Walla



wallyworldguy says...

Well said RT. the teachers just want a new building to go to work in. Kids won't learn any more or learn any better because of a new building. Walla Walla should form a committee (volunteer) to look into ways of promoting charter schools for WW. The sooner they can get out from under the current teacher/union system that is ruining our education system, the better.

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mtnthc says...

Good god you people are a bunch of morons.

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nelly9294 says...

Im a senior at Wa-Hi and I respect that with the economy today is rough as my family and many of my classmates families suffer as well but if you look at how much your property tax will raise some people estimated it to not be too much. I have had four years at Wa-Hi and an older sibling before that, before you make judgement calls please take a tour of Wa-Hi now, even if you attended school there years ago it has changed. Class sizes have grown, classes have changed. The classrooms are small and are not capable with tools we need to learn with in this day of age. I respect everyones opinions but the students are our towns future and if you don't provide us with the means to be successful the town its self will not grow. Please just consider everything and think about taking a tour of Wa-Hi while students are there so you can see what it's like. In the early parts of school students have to sit in a small classroom with sometimes 29 other people with no AC while it is 95 degrees out and in the winter to save money the heat does not get turned on until late. My Anatomy Classroom didn't even have a sink to wash our dissection trays and we were forced to take out dissections into the bathroom and clean them where people were trying to wash their hands after using the restroom. We aren't asking for cushion chairs and laptops for every student the bond is not re building the school either it's a remodel the roof and pillars will stay but classrooms will be accommodated to what we need for us students and for the teachers. Once again please consider everything.

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fatherof5 says...

Dear R.T., one of our civic responsibilities is to provide for the proper education of our children. And yes, that is largely paid for by our property taxes and is not always easy to do. This bond accomplishes so much, it is long overdue, and yet it does this for a fraction of the per household cost of the CP bond that just passed. The job of the schools is to take the kids who come, regardless of how well their parents raised them, and to prepare them for successful futures. All kids deserve this opportunity - and they deserve it in a facility that facilitates that growth.

As for WallyWorld's comment, the teacher's union and the WW School District have an excellent collaborative working relationship in this community. The first priority for ALL is to educate kids. Teachers get paid whether or not energy is wasted through an inefficient heating system. Teachers get paid whether or not 50 year-old desks break or if their classrooms are 80-90 degrees in June and September. But it isn't a good way to run a school, nor is it a good environment for learning. That is what this is about. This bond wasn't initiated by the teachers' union, but teachers support it because it will benefit kids.

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Iopine says...

Being a senior and having to work to survive I have already more on my plate as far as raising property taxes is ridiculous. You should have thought about the building bond before we were raised on the new police station and school levy which raised my property taxes over $400 a year. If the other so called bonds get paid off then I could see putting another bond on the table - but until then and as I have said before you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip!

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fatherof5 says...

Namvet, a Wa-Hi bond was introduced in 2006 and has been significantly modified based on public input, but the need to remodel Wa-Hi isn't new, nor is the school district associated with the police department in terms of coordinating bonds. And, unlike bonds, we pass levies to supplement yearly operating budgets to improve the opportunities kids have to learn. This is what good communities do for their young people. While your personal challenge in adding probably $100-$150 per year to your property taxes is not to be ignored and may, indeed, be a significant sacrifice for you, I hope that you also understand the failure of this bond would negatively impact literally thousands of kids over the next several years.

If you haven't already done so, I'd encourage you to contact the district and sign up for a Wa-Hi tour or see one of Mick Miller's presentations before you work too hard to block this opportunity for kids. In addition to talking with my own kids, it was seeing one of Mr. Miller's presentations that made it so clear to me how smart this proposal really is and how many needs it addresses.

I have two 5th graders who would get to experience a full four years of a newly remodeled Wa-Hi. Before you cast your ballot, please make sure you know what - and who - you are voting against.

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barracuda says...

I think this VERY ill-timed! We cannot do this now.
I dont care what CP voted for.... All I can vote for is things that hit my pocket book.
Also, I wanted to be aware of what I was talking about, so I took a tour last week of Wa-hi, yes it could use some updating. But, I still find it very foolish to do this now.... It needs to wait for a few years!
I am looking for signs etc. to vote no.... It is too much too soon!

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Iopine says...

fatherof5 - I have read Mr. Miller presentation that I received from him and all I see is that the multiple thousands of dollars is like hitting a sieve. There is no rush in this economy and it certainly wouldn't hurt to wait a few more years to accomplish such a feat. I do plan on a budget but it is getting awfully slim so I don't need much time to do it! This can be delayed.

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Myinput says...

Oh for heavens sake - Wa-Hi needs to be renovated. Come on people.

It has nothing to do with spare the rod and spoil the child, it has to do with living in the NOW!

However, while I think Wa-Hi needs to be remodeled, I think the voters should get to vote on how the excess funds will be used - and we know there will be excess funds. Always is.

Let's pass this Bond and move on down the road - it's time.

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