Herb can help fight pattern baldness


It has been known for some time that male pattern baldness is genetically related, but there is a way to limit its effects.

If you want to see what your genes have in store for you, you can look at the hair patterns of the men on your mother’s side of the family.

The pattern is carried via maternal genes and to a lesser extent paternal genes as well. But male pattern baldness is not absolute.

This hair loss occurs due to a chemical that we produce within our bodies.

It is an altered form of testosterone, dihydro testosterone, aka DHT.

DHT is responsible for about 95 percent of patterned hair loss. It acts by surrounding the hair follicle or root and then eroding the follicle until it totally disintegrates. By the way, since women produce a limited amount of testosterone, this can also occur in women, but to a lesser extent.

It has been found that a very safe herb can slow down and even stop this erosion.

It is called Serenoa repens, or saw palmetto, and is derived from the berry of that plant, which grows in many gulf states.

According to numerous studies, the conversion of testosterone to DHT is quite effectively blocked by factors in this herb.

The best news is that with considerable testing there are virtually no side effects.

The typical dosage as recommended by most doctors is 320 mg per day taken in one full dose or two 160 mg doses of what is termed a standardized extract.

Retired chiropractic doctor Francis Trapani’s background includes active practice for 41 years; investigative reporting for many years on stations KTRG and KPOI on Hawaii radio and exercise/fitness yoga TV broadcasts on channel KHVH, also in Hawaii. He has written three books and is working on a fourth; a yoga self-help manual “The Doctor Prescribes Yoga.” For more information, go to drftrapani.com.


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