Not in Walla Walla


The Newtown, Conn., tragedy tears at the fabric of my soul. The terror and fear on the faces of the young children and their anxious, terror-stricken parents caused me to cry. I happen to be one who believes such tragedies can be prevented, or at least risks minimized.

Let me briefly elaborate.

  1. What if the mother, also a victim of her own guns, had the guns and ammunition locked up in separate locations, especially in a home with younger family members and especially where someone has a history of mental problems?
  2. What if a person with a history of mental problems was getting the love, care and professional help their condition warranted?
  3. What if an unauthorized person could not enter a school building or a classroom?
  4. What if someone trying to break in to a school building was spotted on a monitor?

So fellow Walla Wallans, are our guns and ammunition secured such that no one else can use them? They should be!

Are parents, family, friends and neighbors paying attention and caring for those of us with mental illness. We should be!

I worked for a company that required a key card to enter the 16-floor building, get on an elevator, enter a floor and to change wings on each floor. Shopping centers' security staff monitor cameras 24/7. Can anyone walk into a Walla Walla School District building or a classroom? Let's hope not!

Each and every one of us, as part of society and this community, has responsibility to ensure what happened in Newtown never happens in Walla Walla.

Tim Rogan

Walla Walla



tshej says...

I agree....are people willing to step up and pay extra in taxes for security/police guards at our schools? It seems like the children are MORE than worth it. Certainly this is of more importance than a delinquent painting or a pothole or two.

Posted 20 December 2012, 12:43 p.m. Suggest removal

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