Luckstead is enlightening the public


I have read many of Mr. Garcia's defenses of creationism, and I respect his reasoned attempts to factualize creation thinking.

But when he accuses evolutionists of starting with a preconceived paradigm, he fails to realize that is exactly what he is doing. Creationists somehow do not understand they are starting with an answer, then seeking facts to support their preconceived conclusions.

Scientists, including Darwin, who started out trying to prove creationism, seek evidence that best explains the observed facts. Example: Fish bones and seashells high on a mountainside do not therefore mean they were deposited by a great flood. The evidence shows that movement of continents raised mountains from sea floors.

I once read a creationist author who stated "making a human being through evolution was like a 747 resulting from a tornado going through a junkyard." This only showed the writer's ignorance of how evolution works.

A more apt analogy would be a nut and a bolt being made by a tornado going through a pile of iron ore. The tornado also imbued the nut and bolt the ability to reproduce themselves. After many years, the nut and bolt found they could work together and build bigger, better and more useful structures by making use of other "junk" now lying around from the many tornadoes that had gone by.

To make a long story short, after three billion years of trial and error, in which each success was preserved and improved upon, a fleet of 747s emerged.

It is said that 40 percent of Americans believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old, there was only one Ice Age, and dinosaurs and people existed at the same time. It is incredible to me that nearly everyone can believe the fact of atoms and atomic power, of DNA and heredity, that the sun circles the Earth and the stars are far away, but refuse to accept the facts of evolution because it threatens the literal interpretation of the Bible.

The Bible may contain the word of God, but it is not God and we should not worship it. When I was young I was a creationist, but the overwhelming evidence of evolution changed my mind. I don't see how evolution threatens God or the belief in God. It only shows how He did it.

I applaud Steve Luckstead's attempts to enlighten an ill-informed public on scientific facts and accomplishments. Steve should keep it up.

Jack DeWitt



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