Reaching a solution to these mass shootings


Is there a solution to the mass shootings and killings that are happening in our nation and the world? How much would anyone give to find a solution?

Why are these shootings happening with frightening frequency, and how many more are we going to witness before we, all of us, do the things needed to put a stop to these shootings and killings?

Are these horrible incidents within our power, or do we have the expertise, or desire, to put a stop to them forthwith and forever?

Do we have to say it is impossible to do, or do as much as we can and live with the awful realization that whatever we do it is going to happen again and again in our country?

Is it just a matter of time and nobody will be able to avert it?

This would not be acceptable. I can think of nothing more important, nothing more imperative, than that our nation address this very real problem of protecting our precious children and citizens who could be victims of this madness.

We must do it now. We must make it our first priority to put every measure possible to so it cannot happen again. I cannot emphasize my feeling strongly enough.

If the removal of guns is the answer, we must do it. If doing everything possible for the mentally disturbed is the answer, then we must do everything to prevent these individuals from getting these weapons of assault into their hands and committing these heinous acts. If we have to train everyone in the whole nation what they should know and what they should do, whatever it would take, these measures should be done.

It is my humble opinion that the force in nature that governs and gives rise to wickedness and insanity is an impossible thing to control, this evil in our world is ever with us.

Our sad history is very evident of this. No one has found or ever will find the solution for evil, but we must try everything we can.

Dick Robison

College Place


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