Time is right for Wa-Hi bond issue


Time is right to approve Wa-Hi bond issue

Voting yes on the high school bond in February is the best investment we can make for the future well-being of the entire community.

Interest rates on the bond will be at a historic low. The bond for the redo at Sharpstein is nearly retired. High school remodels and rebuilds to serve a similar number of students have cost nearly $120 million in Spokane and over $80 million in Pasco, significantly more than is being proposed in Walla Walla.

The proposal for Walla Walla High School is reasonable, prudent and well thought through by a task force of citizens.

All of us have benefited directly and indirectly from public education. We have a dedicated staff, well- educated teachers and forward-looking leadership.

The bond has to be paid for with an increase in property taxes. Over time, a rebuilt modern high school will increase the value of all the real estate affected by the tax increase. Assets are things that have to be used to create additional assets. There is no greater asset than an educated population.

I’m sure if the students were allowed to vote on the bond, the result would be an overwhelming yes. Let’s be as enthusiastic as the students and vote yes on their behalf.

Charles Potts

Walla Walla


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