Blame for shooting rests with everyone


Why massacre babies?

The shooter was punishing the vermin who’d tortured him at age 6, his peers. Many a 7-year-old contemplates suicide, and he achieved it psychologically by destroying the pursuing vermin who’d stove him in upon himself. He was too unformed to discriminate, his mind too clouded for anything but his mission.

Age 6 is a great peak for the early mind, and this boy was frozen there, obsessed with his injury. He didn’t see individuals, but only miles of cruel vermin.

Had his mother tried to rescue him?

She was receiving $240,000 in alimony, which was soon to be increased to $300,000 per annum. She spent her life eating and drinking in a local saloon, where she was considered part of the “bar family.” The unsecured arsenal was hers.

All across America dingbats have such arsenals.

The family’s absquatulated males knew he and she were dingbats, and looked aside. Being important is a full-time performance, and patience is Malthusian, running out at last.

Who is to blame, finally?

We are to blame. It’s our carnival mentality that allows us to believe any selfish nonsense we prefer to believe. It’s our feeling of self-importance as individuals and as a nation among the nations of the Earth.

Dave Castleman



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