Unintended consequences? Really?


I am really confused about what Tom Baker had to say when the letter ended with bringing up how wonderful Switzerland is with its gun laws. Well maybe the other social programs it has in place, funded by taxes that are quite higher than ours, are better at locating and assisting those in need of mental services, which we have slowly cut since the 1980s.

Switzerland also taxes those who go to church, and I bet most here wouldn’t like that very much? Churches here get tax breaks yet get to enjoy all the services, be it fire/emergency.

Switzerland also takes care of its retired persons better than we do, have mandatory maternity leave, unemployment and assistance to those injured and not able to work.

Of course he also had to bash Obamacare, which is not even close to socialized medicine. Heck it still lets the medical corporations rape and pillage.

Yet again, the country chosen to reference also has socialized health care and yet has very, very low unemployment rates. I wonder if there is a connection here at all?

In response to unions, maybe you would like to return to the times before we had them? I think many people are ignorant to the fact they are the reason most of us of have at least some paid holidays and don’t have to work everyday of the week for peanuts.

So I guess there is no problem with the corporations cutting back pay and benefits yet continuing to give their higher level management grossly inflated wages and bonuses?

The reason they are cutting back with the cost of health care is because they don’t want to give any of that up. Of course health care has been going up for years, not sure where you have been pre-Obamacare.

I respect viewpoints from all sides, but they really should be researched before putting them out for the public to read.

Jennifer Carter

Walla Walla


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