LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - The freedom to choose marriage


Two people who feel like they are a couple of the opposite sex or of the same sex are in their minds a couple. There are couples who do not want to be married and couples who do want to be married.

We live in an evolving world society that persists in moving on as a result of our thoughts and actions. We make judgments and choices because we are born with a spirit that would be free.

The authors of the Bible wrote to educate us in learning social behaviors. Recommending some behaviors and discouraging others with the hope we can quit our cruelties, inconsiderations, slaveries and thoughts to kill one another.

Because we seem to see freedoms for ourselves at the expense of freedoms of others. What's ours is ours and they're not going to interfere. His Majesty the Baby is threatened by whatever he feels is counter-productive to meeting his needs.

Our thoughts and actions have now brought about the law that recognizes both opposite sex and same-sex couples having freedom to choose to be married. Undeniable those amongst us who deny, persecute, threaten and discriminate are making government more encompassing with laws, rules, regulations, codes and bylaws. We are doing it to ourselves.

There will remain argument by the churches amongst themselves as to what is right and acceptable as the standards of quality. I'm grateful for the open-minded, forward-thinking actions of Rep. Maureen Walsh and her colleagues who have moved us closer to believing same-sex couples have the right to freedom to choose marriage.

Sadly for some people there will be no change except for when they carry their judgmental discriminations to their graves. God in the Bible I know gives us the freedom to choose how we believe, think and act. God go with us all.

Preoccupation with people's personal lives who are not engaged in the real social damages such as domestic violence, child abuse, gangs, rapes, robberies and willful planned destruction of our economy that denies families education, good jobs and homes is where we are so off track. What has a same-sex marriage got to do with it?

Jean Dolling

Walla Walla


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