Letters To The Editor - Swim teams had help of many


It is well-deserved that this community receive a note of acknowledgement from the Walla Walla High School boys and girls swim teams. Between the two teams, 77 students participated, two school records were broken, we took two trips to the state championships and the program garnered its first district title.

However, despite the impressive times and placings we received, the thing that Walla Walla can be the most proud of is how these young women and men represented their town with remarkable spirit, energy, positivity and supportive presence. I have had coaches, parents and athletes from every school in our league tell me how impressed they were by the presence of our teams.

Before the seasons began, I thought the statement, "It takes a village to raise a child," was probably true. Now, after six months of seeing what a community can do to help a group of adolescents succeed not only in their sport, but more importantly in life lessons and experiences, I strongly believe in that statement's truth.

It does take a village to raise a child, and I am so grateful that the village I get to be a part of is Walla Walla. The teams could not have been nearly as successful as they were both in the water and in their presence without the models set by their parents, teachers, other coaches, friends' parents and neighbors. We appreciate all of you for helping lay the foundation of success for our next generation of community leaders.

I want to acknowledge the school district for its support of swimming, the YMCA, Walla Walla Swim Club and Parks and Recreation Department or laying a foundation of swimming in so many of these boys and girls at a young age, to Whitman and the YMCA for the generous use of their facilities, to the Union-Bulletin and Tri-City Herald for their dedication to covering high school athletics and helping recognize these athletes for their accomplishments. I also want to acknowledge Key Technology for sponsoring our boys state swim team by purchasing top of the line racing suits for the boys to wear for success. Finally, I want to acknowledge everyone for their support of the school levy renewal and the dedication to the co-curricular experiences so thousands of students can have athletic, musical, artistic, and numerous other opportunities to learn and grow.

Katharine Curles
head swim coach
Walla Walla High School


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