LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Senior supports College Place school bond


I am writing in support of the College Place School Bond. I am a senior and, yes, it is very important for me to exercise my right to vote "yes" for this bond! There are numerous reasons why we as seniors should support this bond and our future generations!

You have heard the clichs that "our children are our future" and that "it takes an entire village to raise a child." Both are very apropos!

Our bond calls for replacing Davis Elementary School (a good and faithful friend for over 100 years), reshuffling the students between Davis and Meadow Brook and freeing up Sager to become our new high school. There, of course, will need to be some alterations and additions done to Sager to accommodate a high school but, in my opinion, this is very savvy planning. In these times when we just destroy the old and build new I appreciate that our School Board is trying to salvage what can be salvaged to keep this bond at an affordable amount.

Presently we are without a bond so we would not be piling more debt on top of debt and would be paying for a bond that is for our community only. People, let's face it - we will be paying somewhere to educate our children and I for one would like it to be in our own community. I am a home owner, as most of you are, and I realize this will raise my taxes somewhat but what better investment than in our own future?

We have the opportunity to enable College Place to be one of the best, well-rounded school districts with a new elementary school and a high school that would be an opportune size to offer our students a very well-rounded education. It would be the size to encourage participation wherever desired and the added reward of more "one on one" in academics!

Presently, our younger students are being educated in an ancient facility and our high school students are being contracted to Wa-Hi and our tax dollars are following them. Let's keep them home and take care of our own!

I strongly urge you to vote yes for College Place's bond and, seniors, we do need to care - these kids are our future also.

Pat Case

College Place


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