LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Take the College Place school bond seriously


I have been associated with the College Place School District for nearly 40 years as a parent, PTA officer, School Board member, grandparent and, now, a volunteer.

My son has recently served on the School Board as well. I was proud of the College Place Schools when my sons attended, and I am still proud of them. The School Board, administration, teachers, staff and students are some of the best.

The last couple of bonds have failed, but the effort has been made to move forward with the determination that it passes this time. We are so fortunate to have people who care about our children's education.

Through the years I have watched the personnel at Davis School do the best they could to hold their aging building together. They have closed off parts of the school to pass safety inspection and they have patched holes where needed. The students truly deserve more.

A high school for College Place would be such an advantage for the 400 to 500 hundred students who would attend. To continue their education in the same school district would provide a sense of completion.

We often feel that we are over taxed in many ways and for that reason we tend to vote no on bonds. We can't do that this time.

The bond needs a 60-percent yes vote to pass. Please take this seriously and realize your vote does count. If the bond does not pass, we will continue to pay a proportional share to the Walla Walla School District.

If its bond passes, we may be absorbed into its district, and we will have no voice. So let's keep our tax money in our own district. We will be taxed either way. The increase in our taxes per month would be no more than a trip to McDonalds. Please care.

JoAnn Stubblefield Collins

College Place


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