LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Ideas to help save money in federal budget


In your editorial of Dec. 27, you requested additional ideas to reduce the federal budget and save taxpayer money. Here are mine.

1. Change tort law to require the loser to pay winner's expenses as does Canada. Cuts down frivolous lawsuits.

2. The Energy Department has never produced any energy unless the department's "hot air" counts. Do away with it.

3. Limit the EPA's authority and give it back to the states. This agency strangles our economy under the guise of "protection our children."

4. Open up all areas for energy production, thereby increasing jobs.

5. Restrict environmental lawsuits. These lawsuits delay the development of all types of projects, skyrocketing costs. Think oil refineries, power plants.

6. Stop subsidizing alternative energy. We taxpayers subsidize wind power to the tune of $23 per megawatt and solar power by $24 per megawatt plus the higher electricity bills because power companies are required "by law" to buy this high priced power to "save the planet."

Is this enough for starters?

Pete Dahlquist

Walla Walla


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