Letters To The Editor - Take stand against discrimination


It is time for our elected officials to take the courageous and correct stand and vote "yes" for SB 5793, the same-sex marriage bill.

This issue is one of civil, and indeed human, rights. Two people who want to be part of a committed relationship should have access to all of the benefits and responsibilities bestowed up them through marriage. Marriage is a civil contract overseen by the state. To say that same-sex couples cannot marry is discrimination.

Churches should be allowed to decide who they will marry in a religious ceremony. The state, however, should not confer special rights on one group (in this case heterosexuals) over another group.

By large numbers our future leaders believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry -- over 70 percent of those under 34 support same-sex marriage. In fact, over 53 percent of all Americans now feel the time is right for same-sex marriage.

The opposition likes to bring up red herrings such as polygamy and people who want to marry close relatives. SB 5793 clearly prohibits such practices. Some will also point to religious reasons for opposing same-sex marriage. This law would not compel any religious organization to marry same-sex couples. It simply removes the government discrimination that currently exists.

In a decade or so people will look back on this and scratch their heads, wondering what all the bickering was about, just like we now look back on laws banning interracial marriage. Can you believe that a third of the country still had laws banning interracial couples from marrying until overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1967?

Now is the time to take a stand for marriage and against discrimination. Please support SB 5793 and urge our elected officials to do the same.

Dan Calzaretta
Walla Walla


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