Wendy's Eastgate restaurant closes

Signs posted at 516 N. Wilbur Ave. said the eatery was closed for maintenance.


WALLA WALLA - Wendy's fans across the region are asking "where's the beef" after the sudden closure of several of the fast-food chain's operations last week, including the one in Eastgate.

A spokeswoman for the corporation confirmed the closures in Walla Walla, Kennewick and Yakima and said the company is working with the franchisee to work through the operations' hiccups. Kitty Munger said she had no details on the reason for the closures, no timeline for a possible re-opening and no certainty that if the restaurant re-opens that it will be under the same owner.

Signs posted at the entry and drive-through to the business at 516 N. Wilbur Ave. said the eatery was closed for maintenance and offered an apology for the inconvenience. A box of items that appeared to be clothing and other textile-type materials sat on a table inside of the otherwise quiet facility. There was no answer to a telephone call to the establishment.

According to media reports, similar closures occurred at Wendy's on Kennewick's Clearwater Avenue and at two spots in Yakima last week. Another source says a Pendleton Wendy's also may have been part of the closures. The locations are reportedly owned by franchisee Zachary Dugdale.

The casual dining chain known for its burgers and Frosty treats has been working to re-energize itself in the face of stiff competition from McDonald's, Five Guys and Smashburger, according to a recent Associated Press report. With a new chief executive officer, Emil Brolick, the company has been working on expansion, including with breakfast options and overseas operations. The company's fourth-quarter results are expected to be posted Monday.


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